The 10 Benefits of Getting Google Reviews

April 7, 2021

Are you struggling to draw people to your business? You might want to improve your online reputation. Customers who already know and trust your brand can spread the word, helping you appeal to new customers.

In fact, about 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. By generating reviews on your Google My Business (GMB) listing, you can boost your business!

Not yet convinced? Here are 10 benefits you can experience after getting Google reviews. By learning how to get Google reviews, you can set yourself up for success.

Give your business the boost it needs. Improve your online visibility, generate sales, and improve your brand loyalty! Keep reading to discover the benefits of getting more Google reviews today.

1. Make a Strong First Impression

What do people see when they first encounter your brand? Why should they trust your business among other options in the area?

If people don't know who you are, they won't trust you. Instead, generating the best Google reviews can help you make a strong first impression.

If your customers have only great things to say about you, on-the-fence customers will feel more comfortable with your business. Reviews can paint a picture of the high-quality products, services, and experiences you can offer. You can develop a strong first impression before people even purchase your product or service.

Otherwise, people might decide not to choose your business. They'll turn to your competitors to learn about their brand instead.

Getting Google reviews will help you impress consumers. You can spark their interest and boost their confidence.

They'll feel more informed before deciding to choose your business for the first time. 

2. Receive Helpful Insights

Are your customers happy? What problems are they experiencing when buying from your business? What changes can you make to ensure their happiness?

It's difficult to make changes to your business without information to work from. If you don't make changes, your customer service could suffer. Consumers might decide your brand is too difficult to work with.

They might turn to a brand that's more likely to meet their needs and wants instead. 

About 95% of consumers say customer service is important to their choice of brand and loyalty. In fact, 60% of consumers have higher expectations than they did a year ago. Are you prepared to meet those expectations?

Without customer insights, you might not recognize which expectations you're failing to meet.

Another 44% of consumers will become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience. In order to personalize their experience, you need data.

The better you understand your customers, the more likely you'll personalize their shopping experience. They'll remember that experience and come back for more. 

Meanwhile, 90% believe organizations should give them a chance to provide customer feedback. Another 97% will remain loyal to a brand that implements changes based on their feedback.

Unfortunately, 51% of people think brands don't take action after they receive comments.

Requesting Google reviews will show consumers you care about their experiences. Then, you can start making informed changes to your business. Once you make those changes, consumers will realize you're invested in them.

You can then retain long-time, loyal customers. Building brand loyalty and retaining customers can improve your bottom line. 

3. Improve Your SEO Ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) will help you rank higher on search engines like Google. Consumers use Google daily to find local businesses. If your brand doesn't appear on Google, people might not even realize you exist.

It's important to reach the top of the first page, too. Many consumers never look beyond the first page.

Instead of finding your business, consumers might find your competitors. You'll lose a chance to boost sales as a result.

Instead, you can use Google reviews to boost your SEO ranking. As your ranking improves, you can:

  • Generate brand awareness
  • Build brand recognition
  • Develop brand trust
  • Retain long-time loyal customers
  • Position yourself ahead of competitors
  • Become a thought leader in your industry
  • Generate more website traffic
  • Rank for a range of keywords to appear for relevant searches
  • Generate more leads and conversions
  • Improve your ROI

It's not enough to have an SEO strategy, though. You also need a local SEO strategy. Otherwise, you might struggle to reach nearby customers. 

When researching a local business, about 60% of consumers check Google My Business. Optimizing your GMB listing is important to your SEO strategy. 

Google's search engine algorithm changes throughout the year. Understanding the different ranking factors can help you rank higher.

Consumer reviews are the third most significant element in Google's local pack algorithm. Review signals account for 15% of Google Local search ranking factors. Getting more Google reviews can boost your ranking!

Local businesses on the top three positions on the first page of Google have an average of 47 reviews, too. The more reviews you gather, the better. You can rank on the Google Map, which will help you stand out from competitors.

More people will see your business, improving your online visibility.

4. Generate Awareness and Recognition

Remember, consumers aren't likely to choose your business if they don't know you exist. Getting Google reviews can help you generate brand awareness.

Your website will appear each time someone searches for your product or service. If relevant keywords appear in your Google reviews, you could appear in front of more people.

It takes five to seven impressions before you build even a smidge of brand awareness. Repetition over time, however, can help you build brand recognition.

The next time someone needs your product or service, they won't complete a Google search. Instead, they'll remember seeing your brand. People will immediately visit your website as a result.

When people directly visit your website, Google will notice you're generating direct traffic. Your search engine ranking could rise as a result. Then, you'll generate even more brand awareness and recognition.

More people will see your business, helping you expand your reach and visibility. 

5. Build Trust and Loyalty

Remember, consumers won't trust your business if they don't know anything about you. The best Google reviews will tell consumers more about your business.

They can learn from other people's experiences with your brand. Reviews could even answer the questions that are on their mind. If they have any reservations, finding answers from your reviews can help.

Once they learn more about your business, they might feel more obligated to trust you.

Reviews are a type of social proof. You can show customers you're worthy of their trust. More people will start to respect you as a result.

Make sure to treat your customers with respect, too. For example, do you have a few negative reviews on your GMB listing? Don't delete the comments you receive.

Instead, respond to those comments. Let people know you want to help. 

Remember, consumers want you to take their feedback. Listening to their concerns could help them trust you further. People will see you're willing to change and come back in the future. 

Improving your SEO ranking can also help you build brand credibility. Consumers will see that you outrank your competitors. They'll feel more obligated to choose your business than someone at the bottom of a search page.

A higher SEO ranking can show consumers you're a thought leader, too. You can demonstrate your experience and expertise to build brand trust. Consumers will start choosing your business over another in your industry. 

6. Increase Traffic to Your Website

Your Google My Business listing will display relevant information about your business, including your:

  • Business name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Directions
  • Hours
  • Reviews
  • Website

You can use your GMB listing to generate more traffic to your website and store.

Consumers will read your reviews and realize you're the business they need. Then, they can click on your website link straight from your GMB listing. If they want to visit you in person, they can click the directions button.

Either way, you're generating more traffic.

Google will take notice when you start generating traffic from your reviews. It will recognize you're a credible, relevant resource for your customers. It could boost your ranking further as a result.

Getting more Google reviews can also boost your clickthrough rate. As you generate more clicks, your ranking will continue to rise. 

7. Remain Transparent

Consumers are more concerned about transparency now than ever. They're not likely to choose a brand that looks like they have something to hide. You can remain transparent by getting more Google reviews.

Don't forget to respond to the reviews you receive. If you delete your negative reviews, people might think you're hiding something. You could lose brand trust as a result.

Respond to the reviews you receive using a review management tool. Your management tool will help you respond promptly. Otherwise, waiting too long to respond could frustrate your customers.

You can answer their questions and concerns quickly. People will see you're open and honest about your business operations. Brand trust could grow as a result.

Make sure to review the comments you receive regularly. You can even use the questions people ask to create an FAQ page. New customers will see you're ready to respond to their needs.

That way, you can give customers peace of mind before they start shopping from your business. 

8. Remain Competitive

Are your competitors getting more Google reviews than you are? Are they getting better reviews? Consumers might start to take notice.

If your competitors have a stronger brand reputation, consumers might choose them instead.

Getting Google reviews can help you remain competitive. It can also boost your SEO ranking, positioning you ahead of competitors!

If you have poor customer reviews, people will contact you less often. Instead, they'll compare you alongside your competitors. A business with better reviews is more likely to generate brand trust and consumer confidence. 

It's also important to make sure you're generating fresh reviews. Your business has likely changed over the years. People want to know you're still achieving the highest level of customer service.

If your reviews are 10 years old, consumers might not trust your brand. They'll look at competitors who have more recent reviews instead. 

Don't give your competitors the chance to get ahead. Instead, develop a strategy and start getting more Google reviews. You can build brand trust, draw in new customers, and grow your small business.

9. Inform Buying Decisions

Many consumers read reviews before they decide to make a purchase from a business. Remember, people want to know they can trust you. 

In fact, many consumers search for "business name + reviews" when researching different businesses. Reading reviews can provide consumers with the information they need to feel more comfortable about a brand. They can then shop with confidence.

They can even use reviews to compare different products. Reading your reviews might help them realize you offer a unique value proposition. Your unique value could set you apart from competitors.

Consumers might feel better about purchasing from your brand as a result. 

10. Boost Leads, Sales, and Your ROI

About 95% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase. Another 92% are more likely to make a purchase after reading a review.

Reviews can impact your revenue, too. For example, the conversion rate for higher-priced items increases by 380% when they have reviews.

If your business has over 25 current reviews, you'll earn 108% more revenue than normal.

Why? Namely, consumers are 71% more comfortable buying from brands after reading positive reviews. 

Remember, you can use reviews to generate more website traffic. People can convert from your website or make a purchase. Your clickthrough and conversion rate will improve as a result.

A higher clickthrough rate can improve your search engine ranking, helping you reach more customers.

Search engine optimization with Google reviews is also a cost-effective marketing strategy. You can generate more leads and sales without blowing through your budget. Your ROI will then improve!

Boost Your Brand: Experience the Top Benefits of Getting Google Reviews

Don't give competitors a chance to get ahead! Instead, experience these benefits of getting Google reviews firsthand. By gathering more Google reviews, you can set your business apart from the pack.

Brand awareness, trust, and loyalty will grow, helping your business grow, too!

Want to generate more reviews to give your business a boost? We can help.

Start building customer trust and getting more business! Sign up today to get started.

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