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Instantly create human-like responses to respond to customer reviews. Try the hassle-free ai response generator today!

Save valuable time with AI

A lot of time and effort goes into responding to reviews. With TrueReview's AI Response Generator, you can respond to reviews 5x faster, while still crafting responses that maintain your brand voice and address the specific feedback mentioned by your customers.

Improve your search ranking

Responding to Google reviews will improve your overall ranking when customers search for your business or services, and it will enhance customer satisfaction by showing them that you value their feedback and are committed to providing excellent customer service.

Responses that are human-like

Respond with genuine automated responses that don't sound like they were copied and pasted or written by a robot. Our AI tool generates personalized and tailored response both for positive and negative reviews.

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Create Unique Responses For Each Review
Save valuable time to run your business
View your replies in one place
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How AI Review Responses Work

Generate an authentic review response

Responding to your Google reviews not only improves your ranking, but also builds customer trust. TrueReview's AI Review Response Generator allows you to quickly generate a response without spending time away from your business.

By analyzing the review message, the customer's name, and the star rating, TrueReview's AI-powered review response generator creates a unique response.

Image displaying a user interface titled "Respond to Amy," intended for generating responses to customer reviews. It features a review from "Amy Peters" complimenting the cakes and customer service. The highlighted response thanks Amy for her review and mentions passing her praise to Zahra, utilizing TrueReview's AI Review Response Generator to craft a unique reply.

It's easy to get started

It only takes a few seconds to get started with TrueReview's AI Review Response Generator, which crafts responses based on analyzing customer feedback from your linked Google My Business account.

 This image illustrates the integration between Google and TrueReview. It displays a list of Google Listings that can be selected to connect to TrueReview, enabling the use of an AI review response generator to reply to Google reviews.

Edit review responses

You can update the AI generated personalized responses right from your TrueReview dashboard, tailoring them further to meet the specific expectations of the customer, and then post your response.

Image showing an AI-generated response to a customer's review.

Create reply templates

Want to save your response for later? TrueReview's Reply Template Manager makes saving and reusing responses effortless. Use pre-made review responses crafted by analyzing customer feedback or add your own.

Image showing multiple review response templates that can be used for quickly replying to reviews and creating templates for future use.

See how it works!

Get an overview of how TrueReview works, including how our free AI review response tool crafts responses, and how you can use the platform to increase customer engagement and get more reviews for your business.

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