Features designed to grow your reviews

Get more positive reviews, collect customer feedback, and improve your business with these powerful tools.

Review requests sent by SMS

Send personalized review requests through SMS. Your customers will receive a link to leave a review on websites you specify.

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Review requests sent by Email

Increase customer engagement by creating additional follow-up emails after the initial contact.

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Automated drip campaigns

Increase customer engagement by sending SMS and emails automatically based on how they interact with your requests.

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Custom branded review requests

Personalize your review requests with your company logo, brand colors, and text to make it more recognizable to your customers.

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Segment customers

Choose the right flow for the right group. Avoid negative reviews by providing an easy way for unhappy customers to provide feedback.

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With custom surveys, you can learn and improve your business. You can optionally ask for a review or feedback based on the survey results.

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Direct customer feedback

With the help of a user-friendly form, you can give your customers the option of quickly submitting their direct feedback.

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Automate your review requests

Automate review requests to your customers by connecting your CRM with TrueReview through Zapier.

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Reports and analytics

An in-depth understanding of customer satisfaction, engagement, and valuable data that can be used to improve your business.

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Manage multiple locations

Multiple businesses or locations can be accessed with one account. Send personalized review requests to the right customers.

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Import contacts via CSV

In just a few seconds, you can import and send bulk review requests to all of your customers through a CSV.

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Business review profile

Let your customers find your business information and reviews on your connected websites like Google, Facebook or TrueReview, all in one place.

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Add your review websites

Choose from a list of review websites like Google, Facebook, Yelp and many others, or add a custom link to a website where you want your customers to leave reviews.

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Stay on top of your requests

Receive detailed status updates whenever customers interact with your requests. Identify positive or negative experiences, survey submissions, and direct feedback.

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View and respond to reviews

Your Google and Facebook reviews are all in one place - and you can respond to them directly from TrueReview.

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Teammates and Permissions

Invite teammates as admins, or restrict their access to specific locations and businesses.

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Shareable links

Send review requests outside of TrueReview with generic shareable links. Use them on QR codes or NFC cards while utilizing the different contact types TrueReview offers.

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Embed reviews

Get your Google, Facebook and TrueReivew reviews in front of more customers by embedding them on your website!

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Engage your customers with custom-branded requests.

Personalized text messages that generate reviews.

Add your logo or a custom image.
Automatically add customer's name in the message.
See when customers open and interact with your review requests.

Send follow up emails to increase customer engagement.

Create automatic follow-up drip campaigns
Customize the message subject line, body and button text.
See when customers open and interact with your review requests!

Learn and improve with Surveys.

Collect valuable insights from your customers.
Segment customers based on survey results.
Collect reviews and feedback at the end of a survey.

Make it easy for customers to leave a review.

Segment customers to offer better customer support.
Select from multiple emojis for segmenting.
Make it easy for customers to find your review websites

Learn and improve with Surveys.

Collect valuable insights from your customers.
Segment customers based on survey results.
Collect reviews and feedback at the end of a survey.

Help customers find your review websites easily.

Add Google, Facebook or any website where you want to get reviews.
Customize the background color and text to match your brand.
Turn on a feedback button to get direct customer feedback.

Get direct customer feedback

Give customers an easy way to provide direct feedback.
Add additional contact options like email, text or call.
See when customers submit feedback from your dashboard.

Put your review requests on autopilot ūüöÄ

Send review requests automatically by integrating with your existing tools.

API Integration

Build a powerful integration using TrueReview's API.

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Zapier Integration

Connect with thousands of apps with Zapier.

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