Get valuable customer insights with Surveys

Collect customer feedback and ratings for different parts of your business operation. You can also request a review or feedback after the survey is submitted.

Get valuable customer insights with Surveys

Create your survey

Ask your survey participants to rate different aspects of your business through a 1 through 5 or a star rating ratings system. You may add as many questions as you'd like.

Ask for a review

Collect survey results, or go even further by asking for a review of the survey results if the results are positive. In the settings of your account, you have the option to enable or disable this feature.

Get direct feedback

Ask for additional feedback if the results of the survey are negative. By enabling it in your settings, we'll make it easy for your customers to send you direct feedback or find your contact information.

Get survey results

Improve your business by getting valuable feedback from your customers.

Keep track of your requests

See exactly how your customers engage with your requests. View customer feedback and manage them from a single page.

Multiple ways to send requests

Send or schedule review requests

Enter your customer's name, number, or email address. Schedule it for later or send it immediately.

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Import a CSV list of customers

You can import a list of your customers via CSV and select who to send them to.

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Connect with your CRM and automate

Integrate your CRM with TrueReview via Zapier and send automated review requests.

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Keep track of your requests

Receive detailed status updates whenever customers interact with your requests. Identify positive or negative experiences, survey submissions, and direct feedback.

See how it works!

Get an overview of how TrueReview works, including how our free AI review response tool crafts responses, and how you can use the platform to increase customer engagement and get more reviews for your business.

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Start getting more reviews today

Send up to 250 SMS & Email requests absolutely free during your free 14-day trial!

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