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"TrueReview is a MUST HAVE for any business. An absolute game changer."

Nathaniel R.

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We are Getting more Reviews!

We have gotten 5 times more reviews using this system than we did with the other company, and sending them to our clients is so much easier.

We're getting more reviews because it's easy to send the requests. We're also able to get reviews for each individual agent rather than just for the company.

Tina L.

Review from G2

5 Star Google Review Machine!

Went from getting a few reviews here and there over the years to getting 5 Star customer reviews on a daily basis. The proof is in the pudding - just search my website on Google and you'll see daily review after review.

Very easy to set up and collect 5 Star reviews.

John M.

Review from Capterra

It's a fantastic product and I'm very happy that I found it.

TrueReview has allowed me to automate the process of requesting reviews and obtain significantly more reviews than I was able to without it.

Erika Steiner

Review from Google

TrueReview is a MUST HAVE for any business. An absolute game changer.

TrueReview is braindead simple. You can't mess it up, and they do all the work for you.

TrueReview helps us increase the amount of reviews we have, bar none.

Nathaniel R.

Review from G2

Great Experience!

We are very happy with response from our patients since we have been using TrueReview.

TrueReview offers simple platform to send SMS to our patient to give us review. Since we have been using TrueReview, we have been getting lot of review from patients. Before we never received these many google reviews from our patients.

Hemant P.

Review from Capterra

Great software to grow with.

True review has a simplistic approach to review management that gets you right where you need to be when you open the software. Great for employees out in the field to quickly imput just a phone number and have the customer receive a review link in seconds.

Brooks R.

Review from Capterra

We love the ease of TrueReview!

Setting up our TrueReview automation was very easy and straightforward! Once we chose to move forward with TrueReview, the process of connecting our account, setting up our workflow, and customizing the workflow to our business was extremely easy and efficient. The customer service team has always been super responsive and helpful as well!

Verified User in Law Practice

Review from G2

TrueReview has been a great solution for us.

It is easy to use and efficient. It integrates with all major platforms where people go for reviews. The best part is we can send out our review requests via text or email which has allowed us to get more reviews than we expected. This is helping us get new business as we continue to grow.

Nicholas H.

Review from G2

Program is Awesome

TrueReview is an awesome tool to use when requesting reviews from customers. It makes it extremely easy to ask for reviews. You just put in persons mobile number or email in your dashboard and send and that's it. Very simple to use. Since I've been using the program I have triple the amount of reviews I have had in a short period of time.

Tim H.

Review from G2

TrueReview has brought great reviews for our small business!

As a small business we rely heavily on word-of-mouth, recommendations, and public reviews. TrueReview has allowed us to keep track of who we've sent reviews to, lets us schedule things in advance, and we get reviews through a number of platforms. We use TrueReview on a weekly basis and that has helped us receive tons of helpful feedback from our clients, which in turns brings in new clients.

Verified User in Professional Training & Coaching

Review from G2

Amazing product!

It was incredibly easy to set up an integration with Salesforce using Zapier and connect our GMB locations. Using the product has increased our positive monthly reviews drastically.

Dennis A.

Review from G2

Best Review Mngmt and best Customer Care

Absolutely in awe with their customer service (Mikael absolutely nailed it) and for that reason I am remaining a loyal customer and spreading the word.

Tatiana C.

Review from Capterra

Award-winning software

5-star rating across platforms, and the awards to back it up.

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