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What websites can I request reviews for?

You can request reviews for any website you choose. Simply browse from the list of websites or add a custom link to any website where you receive reviews. Viewing your reviews and replying to reviews from the dashboard is supported for Google and Facebook when you connect to them.

I have multiple locations under one Google My Business account; am I able to select a location?

Yes, when you connect your "Google My Business" account, you will be prompted to select which location you would like to manage.

Which countries does support?

Businesses located in the United States and Canada can send SMS and Email review and survey requests to their customers using the platform. SMS is not supported for businesses located outside of the United States and Canada, however sending review requests via Email is supported for all locations.

From what number will requests be sent?

During your free trial, you will be able to send review requests from a non-exclusive toll-free number. TrueReview will assign a dedicated local number to your business after your trial is over and you become an active user. Your messages will have a higher delivery rate, and will be more likely to be opened when they are sent from a dedicated number.

Can I cancel any time?

You can cancel any time directly from the app. Simply open the app, go to account settings, and click ā€˜Cancel my subscription.'

Will I lose my reviews if I cancel my subscription with

No, reviews you collect through will not be lost if you cancel your subscription. Since reviews are left on websites you specify, like Google, they stay with you even if you cancel your subscription.

Billing questions?

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