Send a Review Request Email

Send a customized review request email right from your dashboard. Your customers will receive an email asking them for a review.

Easiest way to send email review requests

Upload your business logo

Easily add your business logo to your review profile to maintain a consistent brand look.

Customize your emails

We'll automatically create emails with your business info — but you can customize every detail of the emails!

Want to run it as a drip campaign?

Simply toggle to activate additional emails, and choose how long to wait before sending each one based on your customer's interaction with the emails.

Try it for yourself! 📲

We'll text you an example of one of the contact types your customers see when you request reviews.

Demo sent!
Please add a valid phone number.

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Multiple ways to send requests

Send or schedule review requests

Enter your customer's name, number, or email address. Schedule it for later or send it immediately.

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Import a CSV list of customers

You can import a list of your customers via CSV and select who to send them to.

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Connect with your CRM and automate

Integrate your CRM with TrueReview via Zapier and send automated review requests.

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Keep track of your requests

Receive detailed status updates whenever customers interact with your requests. Identify positive or negative experiences, survey submissions, and direct feedback.

See how it works!

Get an overview of how TrueReview works and how you can use it to get more reviews for your business.

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Start getting more reviews today

Send up to 250 SMS & Email requests absolutely free during your free 14-day trial!

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