SMS & Email Drip Campaigns

Get more out of your review request by automating SMS and Email messages. makes it super simple to create automated drip campaigns for your customers.

Smart drip campaigns with SMS & Emails

Send automated review requests

With TrueReview, all you have to do is fill out your customer's information and click Send! To maximize customer engagement, we'll monitor your campaign and send emails accordingly.

Setup your drip campaign

Increase customer engagement with SMS and email review requests. SMS messages and emails can be customized with easy-to-use tools. We'll track customer engagement with your SMS and emails, and run your drip campaign to increase reviews.

Create multiple campaigns

Add new campaigns or duplicate existing ones easily. Messages can be customized for each campaign.

Customize your SMS

Your message can be sent as plain text, or accompanied by a thank you image. Once you submit a review request, the customer's name will be automatically added to the message.

Customize your Emails

You can personalize three different email options to fit your business's needs. Select the number of days to wait before sending the next email, or pause emails you don't want to send. Depending on the customer's response, TrueReview will automatically send follow-up emails or stop them.

Keep track of your requests

Receive detailed status updates whenever customers interact with your requests. Identify positive or negative experiences, survey submissions, and direct feedback.

See how it works!

Get an overview of how TrueReview works and how you can use it to get more reviews for your business.

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Start getting more reviews today

Send up to 250 SMS & Email requests absolutely free during your free 14-day trial!

Business Verification To Enable SMS

Getting more reviews is easy with SMS review requests! In order to utilize SMS review requests, network carriers require business verification. With TrueReview, this process is quick and easy! You will receive personalized support from our dedicated team.

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