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SMS & Email Drip Campaigns

Get more out of your review request by automating SMS and Email messages. TrueReview makes it super simple to create automated drip campaigns for your customers.

Smart drip campaigns with SMS & Emails

Send and forget

With TrueReview, all you have to do is add your customer's information and hit Send! We'll monitor your campaign and send emails based on your preferences to maximize customer engagement.

Setup your drip campaign

Get more customer engagement with SMS and Email review requests. With easy-to-use tools, you can customize your SMS message, as well as your emails to match your brand. We’ll monitor how customers engage with your SMS and emails and run your drip campaign to get the most out of your review requests!

Customize your SMS

Send your message as a plain text, or add a thank you image along with your SMS. We'll fill in your customer's name and take care of the rest!

Customize your Emails

With three custom email options, you can make each one as unique as your business. Customize your drip campaign with options to select the number of days to wait before sending the next email, or pause emails you don’t want to send.

Keep track of your drip campaign

Check on your SMS & Email campaign with status updates. Know instantly when your messages were opened or clicked on.

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