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TrueReview is your all-in-one solution to get more positive reviews, collect customer feedback and avoid negative reviews.

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"5-Star Google Review Machine!
Went from getting a few reviews here and there over the years to getting 5 Star customer reviews on a daily basis."

— John McConnell

Why your business needs reviews

Get your business found online

Rank higher in Google search results with more 5-star reviews. Be visible on Google Maps.

Increase your business revenue

Customers spend 31% more money at a business with excellent reviews.

Maintain a good business reputation

72% of customers say that positive reviews make them trust a business more.

Gain a competitive edge over other businesses


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Results you can see right away

See how TrueReview helped Classic Bakery go from 230 to over 650+ Google reviews and counting in less than 5 months.

"5-Star Google Review Machine!
Went from getting a few reviews here and there over the years to getting 5 Star customer reviews on a daily basis."

John McConnell
Sporting Goods Store

"TrueReview has facilitated a much user friendly experience in collecting reviews."

Christine Nieva
Real Estate Professional

"TrueReview offers a simple platform to send SMS to our patients to give us a review. Since we have been using TrueReview, we have been getting lot of reviews from patients. Before we never received this many google reviews from our patients.

Hemant Patel
Physical Therapist

"Incredibly simple to use, highly effective, and has drastically increased our review count across the board."

Areen Movsessian
Owner, Classic Bakery

Simple process that works

Send SMS & Email review requests

Easily create SMS & Email review requests or surveys and set up smart drip campaigns to get more customer reviews and customer feedback.

Segment customers

Segment customers through reactions or surveys. Make it easier for happy customers to leave a review by qualifying them first. Give unhappy customers a quick way to provide direct feedback to avoid a negative review.

Boost your positive reviews

Through your review requests, customers can leave reviews on websites you specify, like Facebook, Google, Yelp or any website you add.

Say goodbye to negative reviews

Collect feedback from unhappy customers before they leave a negative review

We make it easy to show happy customers your review websites, or collect direct customer feedback from unhappy customers and avoid negative reviews.

Show your review websites if survey results are positive, or provide a quick way for your customers to give direct feedback if the survey results were negative.

Fully customizable with your branding!

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Robust tools to grow your business reviews, fast

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does TrueReview work?

TrueReview makes it simple to get more reviews, maintain a strong reputation, and build relationships with your customers. With TrueReview, you can request reviews for any website. Connect or add predefined websites, or add a custom link to any website you want your customers to leave a review on. Being able to communicate with and request more reviews from your customers makes creating a well-established business easy.

Why should I use TrueReview for my business?

TrueReview takes the work out of managing your online reputation. You can easily send review requests while managing existing and new reviews from Google and Facebook from our app. Our dashboard provides unique insights into your online reputation and customer satisfaction. From this information, you can address issues, make changes, and connect directly with your customer base. TrueReview is more than just a review request app; it is an online marketing tool that saves small businesses time.

What websites can I request reviews for?

You can request reviews for any website you choose. Simply browse from the list of websites or add a custom link to any website where you receive reviews. Viewing your reviews and replying to reviews from the TrueReview dashboard is supported for Google and Facebook when you connect to them.

Can I cancel any time?

You can cancel any time directly from the app. Simply open the app, go to account settings, and click ‘Cancel my subscription.'

I have multiple locations under one Google My Business account; am I able to select a location?

Yes, when you connect your Google My Business account, you will be prompted to select which location you would like to manage.

I have multiple businesses or locations; can I manage them from one account?

Yes, with our Premium plan, you can add up to 5 businesses per account and manage them all from one dashboard.

Will I lose my reviews if I cancel my subscription with TrueReview?

No, reviews you collect through TrueReview will not be lost if you cancel your subscription. Since reviews are left on websites you specify, like Google, they stay with you even if you cancel your subscription.

Why should I care about reviews?

In today’s world, your business is only as good as its reputation. With so many people looking to online reviews before making purchases or using services, having a strong online brand is critical to success. On the flip side, bad reviews can seriously damage a business. By proactively seeking more reviews, you can address unsatisfied customers before they leave unflattering reviews.

Can I buy reviews from TrueReview?

TrueReview does not sell reviews. We are a reputation management company that helps businesses increase their online reviews by providing an easy to use platform to send review requests through SMS or Email.

I don't have customers. Can I still use TrueReview?

As a new company, you want to establish a strong online presence as early as possible. Waiting for reviews to accumulate can take years. With TrueReview, you can start growing your reviews starting with your first customer.

Can TrueReview help me get new customers?

Most people pay attention to business reviews when deciding which business to choose. By having more 5-star reviews than your competitors, you will get more business from new customers.

Which countries does TrueReview support?

Businesses located in the United States can send SMS and Email review and survey requests to their customers using the TrueReview platform. SMS is not supported for businesses located outside of the United States, however sending review requests via Email is supported.