Shareable links for your QR Codes or NFC review cards.

Create shareable links to segment customers, get direct feedback, and showcase all of your review websites in a customizable user interface!

More ways to get reviews and customer feedback.

TrueReview Shareable Links

Select your contact type, like direct link, reactions or surveys. Copy the shareable link and add it to your QR code or NFC card.

Showcase all your review websites

Don't just link to a single website! With the TrueReview Shareable links, you can display all your review websites like Google, Facebook, and more in one, easy to find screen.

Get more reviews

Make it easy for customers coming to your store, restaurant or place of business to quickly find your review websites and leave a review!

Add QR codes to scan and get to your review websites.

Get direct feedback

By using the TrueReview shareable links, you can choose from different contact types to segment customers and collect direct feedback.

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Free QR code and NFC card templates:

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