Automate Your Review Requests

Connect your existing CRM software with TrueReview. Sit back and let the app automatically send review requests to your customers.

How Automation Works

Connect your first app

Find the app you want to send contact information to TrueReview, and connect it through Zapier.

Create your trigger - When should requests go out?

Create a simple connection or add filters to send customer information to TrueReview whenever it matches your criteria.

Connect to TrueReview

Connect your app with TrueReview and turn on your Zap! TrueReview will create requests, or send review requests based on your settings.

Additional Zap Options

Set contact type

Specify which contact type to use for your review request.

Set drip campaign

Choose the drip campaign to use for your review request.

Add data as notes

Enter text or insert data for customers through internal notes.

Watch a sample automation setup

Start automating your review requests!

Automate Your Workflow

Create automated SMS & Email review requests using your CRM.

Connect with popular apps

Explore more apps to connect

Discover thousands of apps to automate your workflow by connecting them to TrueReview

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