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Surveys and how they work

Surveys with TrueReview

With TrueReview you can send feedback requests via surveys.

Surveys are questions with answer options of 1 through 5 as ratings.

Here is an example of what your customers will see when they click on your survey link:

To send surveys, go to Settings and select "Survey Questions" from the Contact Type section.

With the Survey Questions selected as your contact type, add questions to create your survey.

To preview your survey, click "Preview survey" at the bottom right of your input fields.

Collect Reviews or Direct Feedback after survey

If you would like to ask your customers to leave a review on websites you've added, or get direct feedback, simply select the checkbox below the "Add Another" button appropriately to activate them.

When do you ask for a review or feedback?

First, make sure the reviews and feedback options are checked off for the surveys.

When do you ask for reviews?

If the average rating of your survey questions is between 4 and 5, we will show the customer your review websites once they submit their survey.


When do you ask for direct feedback?

If the average rating of your survey questions is between 1 and 3, we will give them an easy way to give direct feedback. Feedback left through TrueReview will be sent to you via email.