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How SMS and Email drip campaigns work

What is a drip campaign?

Drip campaigns, or drip marketing is a communication strategy that sends a series of customized review requests in the form of SMS/text message, or emails sent to customers over time based on how they interact with your review requests. Drip campaigns help maximize customer engagement with your review requests.

How do drip campaigns work?

For example, if you send an SMS review request, and also include an email, the drip campaign would be activated. If the SMS is delivered, however the review request link is not opened, then depending on the settings of your drip campaign, the email message will be sent to the same customer. If the email is not opened or the review link is not clicked within a period of days you've selected, the next email will be sent. This will keep sending until your customer fully engages with your message. There is a maximum of 3 times that an email can be sent to a customer within the same campaign. You can create a new Email drip campaign for the same customer.

How do I create a dip campaign?

1. First, make sure your review request SMS and Email messages are correct by going to your Settings tab.


To edit your SMS message and image, click on "1. Review Request".

Here you can select what type of SMS you'd like to send. Choose from Text only, or include your logo or a custom image with your message.


To edit your Emails, click on any of the 3 emails and customize the text to your liking.

2. By default, if both SMS and Email are present for your customer, we will activate the drip campaign. If only the email is present, we will only activate the drip campaign for emails. You can customize the messages and the number of days to wait before sending the first email as well as the rest of the emails.

  1. When your SMS and Emails are ready, go to your dashboard and click the "Create Review Request" button. You can also send review requests to multiple customers using a CSV list. Learn how to send review requests using a CSV list here.
  1. Once the review request is sent you can see them in your Requests tab and monitor their status.

Understanding status updates of your drip campaign

SMS messages:

The status is updated whenever the review request link within the message is clicked on. Unlike an email, there is no way to track whether a customer has opened the SMS message or not.


With emails there are four statuses that are tracked:

  1. Delivered - The email was received by the customer's email provider.
  2. Opened - The email was clicked on.
  3. Link clicked - The link inside the email was clicked on, and your review request link was opened.
  4. Unsubscribed - Your recipient clicked on the unsubscribe link inside your email. Sending an email to a customer that has unsubscribed from your emails will not receive them again.