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How to send review or survey requests to contacts via CSV

You can import as many contacts as you wish, however you can only send to a certain number of contacts depending on your subscription.

To import a contact via CSV:

1. Navigate to the Contacts page

2. Download the CSV Template provided by clicking the "Template" button on the top right side of your screen.

3. Copy your contacts to the CSV Template you downloaded and export it as a .csv

4. Using the "Import CSV" button to the top left of you screen, find your CSV file and import it.

To add a contact manually:

1. Click on the plus icon to the top left of your screen

2. Add your contact information

3. When done, click "Add"

To send review requests to multiple contacts:

1. Select any number of contacts from the list of contacts.

2. With contacts selected, click the "Create review request" button at the bottom of the page.

3. To send a review or survey request, click the "Send to # of contacts" button.

4. Your review or survey requests are will now be sent to all contacts that were selected. You can find these contacts and track their status in the REQUESTS tab.