5 Examples of Positive Reviews

April 18, 2021

90% of customers read reviews before choosing to visit or buy from a business, and 92% will patronize a local company with a rating of four stars or higher. 

In contrast, 86% of consumers will not purchase from a business that has negative online reviews. For these reasons, positive reviews are vital to the success of your business.

However, there's more to a positive review than a five-star rating. Several elements are fundamental to good reviews, and you must familiarize yourself with them if you want to generate more for your business.

If you're looking for positive review examples and strategies, keep reading to learn how to identify the best reviews and how to respond to maximize their effectiveness.

1. Gives Specific Details

The best customer service reviews examples include plenty of detail to give potential customers a feel for the experience. Consumers don't just want to know that a customer was happy. They want to know exactly what happened so that they can determine whether your business aligns with their personal preferences. 

Sure, a five-star rating and one sentence, such as "good pizza," is nice, but it doesn't make a huge impact. While a review doesn't have to be an essay, the best ones are detailed, honest, and specific. Positive recollections go a long way in achieving credibility.

2. Includes a Customer Service Shoutout

Many good customer service reviews include stories of excellent customer service that improve a customers' overall experience. 

Consumers have higher expectations for customer service than ever before, and 70% of shoppers have already chosen to support a business that delivers stellar customer service.

It's even more special when a customer names one of your employees by name, which puts a personal spin on the experience and ensures trust in your staff.

3. Features User-Generated Content

When customers use images in their reviews, marketers refer to this as "user-generated content." The content is created by an unpaid customer and helps build trust with your audience.

This means that the customer has taken the time to capture and share real-life images that increase the authenticity of their review.

4. Provides Constructive Criticism

Not all of your customers' comments have to be positive to be beneficial to your audience. Never underestimate the potential and power of honest feedback

The best review also touches on potential areas of improvement. Constructive criticism is not only helpful to you but helps your prospective customers make decisions, as well. It gives potential customers a look into that reviewer's worst-case scenario. If they can understand what went wrong for the reviewer, they can determine whether that matters to them. 

For example, say a customer says your food was delicious but wasn't presented very well. If a potential customer reads this and doesn't care about food presentation, this review won't deter them from visiting your restaurant. 

If they do care about the presentation and you happen to let them down, it won't bother them as much. This is because they were primed for what to expect. Not only is that customer less likely to complain, but they'll focus more on the positives they experience at your establishment.

5. Has a Response

Finally, the best customer reviews feature a curated response by you or one of your employees. Customers expect answers to their reviews—positive and negative

Of customers who leave reviews, 7 out of 10 say a response to their review may change their opinion about the business. 

Still, a majority of consumers say they've never received a response to a review. If you're not soliciting or monitoring your reviews, there's never been a better time to start. Inviting positive online reviews is vital to managing your online reputation.

How to Get Customer Reviews of Your Business

Now that you know the importance of garnering positive reviews for your business, how do you get customers to write them?

You might be tempted to buy them, but that could easily backfire. Use the following proven tactics instead.

Engage With Your Customers

The reviews that will make the most impact on potential customers are those with engagement from your business. This engagement includes responding to reviewers' comments, suggestions, and concerns. Not only is this excellent customer service, but it invites further engagement and growth. 

Don't make the mistake of only engaging with customers once they've purchased one of your products or services. It would help if you tried to engage with them at each stage of the buying process so they recognize that your organization cares.

Solicit Happy Customers

One of the best ways to get positive reviews is to ask happy customers for them! Usually, customers who have a good experience are more than willing to write reviews.

A recent study showed that 68% of patrons are happy to write a local business review when asked.

After someone makes a purchase, follow up to thank them for their business. Then invite them to share their experiences with your product. If you're going the extra mile for your customers, the hard work will pay off and reward you with good reviews. 

Consider Your Approach to Asking

When asking customers to write reviews, you should give them some prompts to increase the review quality. Avoid yes or no questions, and stay away from vague questions—they only lead to vague answers. 

Customize your ask to include questions that will provide valuable insight about your organization. For example, instead of simply asking, "What did you think?" try "What problem did our product help you solve?"

Go Above and Beyond

In every aspect of running a business, you should seek to go above and beyond for your customers. Make positive customer experiences part of your brand by exceeding customer expectations. 

The happier your customers are, the more they will talk about it. Then, your business will stand out among competitors. When customers are spreading the word through good reviews, they'll improve your brand's online reputation.

Responding to Positive Reviews

When you're getting positive online reviews, it's easy to sit back and enjoy the benefits and forget to engage. However, failure to converse with happy customers and respond to good reviews can lead to neglect. Neglect can lead to negative feedback, which will trump all of the positive reviews before it.

Of course, it's essential to respond to negative reviews, but it's vital to notice the positive ones, too. Here's how to acknowledge and respond to generous reviews.

Personalize the Response

Make your customer feel heard and valued by personalizing your response. People can tell when you use a templated response, so have fun while engaging with reviewers. 

Always address the customer by name when possible and throw in additional personalized details every chance you get.

Always Thank the Reviewer

At the beginning of every review response, thank the customer for taking time out of their day to share a positive experience. You can never thank positive reviewers enough, so consider thanking them at your message's sign-off as well. This will show the customer how much their insight means to you.

Reply to Specific Statements

Again, make your customers feel like you're reading each review by addressing specific details from their original comment. For example, if they reference a particular product, thank them for their feedback on that product. 

Replying to reviews is also a great way to insert keywords for your product or services. However, don't use them too often, as your messages will begin to sound spammy and ingenuine.

Offer Something of Value

Remember that current and potential customers are likely reading your reviews, so consider offering incentives for positive reviews. If you provide a small discount or a free trial with your appreciation, others are more likely to try out your product or leave their own review.

However, if you decide to offer an incentive, it's essential to stay consistent. Don't offer a gift to one customer and skip over the next because your customers will notice and accuse you of being unfair.

Be Selective With Your Responses

Sometimes it's not possible to respond to each review, so you may have to be selective. How selective you are should depend on your business's age and industry.

For example, newer businesses should engage with every customer, but more established companies can pick and choose.

While you'll have to find your own balance, a good rule of thumb is to always respond to reviews where it's clear that the customer took a substantial amount of time to leave feedback. 

Use These Positive Review Examples to Improve Your Online Reputation

For your business to thrive, you need positive customer reviews. Now that you've been given several positive review examples, use them to improve the way you engage with your customers in online reviews.

TrueReview makes it easier to collect positive customer feedback. Send review requests via email, SMS, review websites, and more, and watch the feedback fly into your inbox. 

Using TrueReview, you can easily segment customers into happy and unhappy customers. Ask the disgruntled customers to share their feedback privately, but invite the satisfied customers to post on your review websites.

If you're interested in learning more about what TrueReview can do for your business, schedule a free demo today!

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