How to Change Your Business Address on Google

April 22, 2021

Are you running a small business? Do you want to increase your reach and visibility in your local community? Then, you need to make sure your target audience can find you on Google Search and Google Maps.

Interestingly, there are over 1.9 million companies that use Google Maps. Google Maps help your customers find your exact location and contact you faster. Moreover, listing your business on Google adds to your brand’s credibility.

However, things can happen and force you to relocate your business. Thus, you need to learn how to change business address on Google maps.

Like Google Contacts integration, editing your business information is crucial. This will strengthen your connection with your customers. Continue reading below for a guide on how to change business address on Google.

How to Change Your Business Address on Google Using Your Computer

First, open Google My Business and log in to your account. If your business has more than one location, pick the one that you wish to update.

Go to the menu section and click “Info.” From there, hit the address field that shows the pin icon. Next, you want to enter your address in line with the Google My Business guidelines.

You need to ensure that you’re entering your business's complete and exact street address. The address should indicate the floors and suite numbers. you should also be specific with the building numbers of your building or unit.

Also, you only want to include details that are officially part of your address. Don’t use words like “Opposite of Road A” or “Around the corner.” If your address doesn’t come with any street numbers, pin your location directly on the Google map.

To do so, look for the red “Set market location” button on the right side of the map’s window. Click the button and drag the pin toward the center of your exact location on the map. Thereafter, hit “Apply” to complete the process.

Google takes about 24 to 48 hours before they complete the review of your updates. After a day or two, they will publish the changes you applied.

Editing Your Business Address via Android

If you wish to do your editing through your Android mobile phone or tablet, you may also do so. Open your My Google Business app and log in to your account.

If you have multiple business locations, open the one that you wish to change. Go to the bottom of the screen and tap “Profile.” From there, look for the address box that comes with a pin icon.

You can now enter your complete and accurate address information. Make sure to follow the Google guidelines as discussed above. Next, you want to select your business’s location on the map.

Do this by dragging the pin to your location. Hit “Apply” to submit your changes. You will also have to wait around a day or two before Google publishes your address updates.

Replacing Your Business Address on iPhone or iPad

If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, you can use your device to change your business address on Google. Open your My Google Business app on your device and hit the “Profile” button at the bottom.

Go to the bottom right corner of the screen and hit “Edit.” Tap the address box that comes with the pin icon. Again, enter your address while following Google’s guidelines.

Thereafter, drag the pin to your business’s location on the map to select the right location. Complete the process by tapping “Apply.” Wait for one to two days before the changes reflect on Google Maps.

Changing Your Business Hours and Phone Number

What about changing other details like your business hours? With the pandemic, some businesses reduced their operational hours. They did so to make room for deep cleaning and sanitation.

If you need to tweak your business hours on Google, log in to your My Google Business account and select “Info.” From there, look for the clock icon and select it. Tap or click the pencil icon to edit your business hours.

Make sure to add hours for all the days of the week. Hit “Apply” to complete the process.

Removing Your Business Address

Aside from changing your accurate business address, there is also an option to delete it. Log in to your My Google Business profile and go to the info section on the menu. Look for “Close or remove this listing” and click on it.

This will open a few prompts that you need to accomplish. If you wish to delete all your locations at once, go to the list of locations and select “Actions.” From there, choose “Remove locations.”

Reasons to Update Your Google Business Listing

Lastly, you need to be aware of the main reasons for updating your Google Business Listing. For starters, you need to update your information once you discover any inaccuracies. Interestingly, observers discovered several inaccurate business listings in Google.

Another reason is to further expand your reach. You want your business to get the most exposure it can get.

About 84% of consumers use their laptops or smartphones to search for local businesses. You need to be where they can see you, which is in Google.

Also, you need to update your business listings if you want to drive new leads. Consumers are proactive.

When they’re looking for products and services, they go to Google Search and Google Maps. Customers want to find businesses nearby that offer what they need. Thus, for them to find you, you need to update your listing to ensure its accuracy.

Complement Your Google Presence

Now you know how to change your business address on Google. You can now build new connections with your target audience. Clients will also find you faster online and accurately locate your physical store.

However, following these Google tips is not enough. Complement your presence of Google by growing your business reviews. Connect with us today and learn more about our tools and solutions.

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