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Connect apps to TrueReview using Zapier.

This article will show you an example of connecting an app, in this case Google Contacts, to TrueReview, which will automate contact creation in TrueReview app whenever a new contact is created or updated in your Google Contacts app.

Get started by creating a Zap with TrueReview.

First, go to your Zapier Dashboard

To create a Zap, click the "MAKE A ZAP" button at the top left of your dashboard.

1. Select the app you would like to use to send information to TrueReview.

In this example, we will use Google Contacts.

Search for the app and select it.

2. From the "Trigger Event" dropdown, select "New or Updated Contact"

3. Select which Google account you would like to use and click "Continue"

Sample data will be made available to you from your Google Contacts.

4. Confirm the information is correct, and click "Continue"

Next, you will search for the TrueReview application.

5. Select it from the dropdown and continue to the next step.

From the "Action Event" dropdown, select "Create Contact". This action will create a contact in your TrueReview contacts page.

6. Click "Continue" to proceed. You will be asked to log into your TrueReview account.

7. With your TrueReview account select, click "Continue".

You will now set up the action for the Zap.

8. Click into each input shown above, and search for the corresponding data.

IMPORTANT: If you have both the First Name and Last name, make sure to add a space when adding the Last Name to the "Contact Name" input field.

Only 1 number and 1 email can be added to the Contact Phone and Contact Email fields. Adding multiple data into the fields will return an error and your zap will not work.

  1. Test your integration by clicking "Test & Continue"

This test is with real data. Since we are only creating a contact in the TrueReview contacts page, the customer will not receive any notifiaction.

  1. If your connection is correct, a new contact will be created in your TrueReview contacts page. You can go into your contacts page here and check if a new contact was added.

Finish your setup by clicking "Turn on Zap"

You're all set! Now, whenever a new contact is added or updated in your Google Contacts, a new contact will also be added to your TrueReview contacts page!

You can now simply select contacts and create a review request for your selection.

You can access and edit your Zap by going to your dashboard in Zapier.