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How do I change the name of my business?

Please note, changing your business name after you've sent review requests will cause previously sent requests to not work.

To change your business name:

  1. Go to your Account Settings page and click "EDIT" located to the right of the business name:
  1. A modal will open with all of your business information.
  1. Click into the "Business Name" input field, and enter the new business name you want your customers to see.
  2. With your new business name added, scroll down and click the Save button to save your changes.


Once you've updated your business name, make sure to update your SMS message and Emails to reflect the new business name.

  1. Go to your Settings page, and scroll down to the "Manage Campaign" section
  2. Click on the 1st SMS review request and update your business name in your SMS message:
  1. Do the same for the follow up emails