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How do I add another business or location under one account?

Multiple businesses under one account are supported with the Premium plan. You can upgrade from your Account Settings

To add another business or an additional location for your business:

  1. Go to your Account Settings page, and click "Add Business" under your primary business name.

You can also access it from the top right of your dashboard:

  1. Clicking "Add Business" will open a modal to add your new business information
  1. Add your business information and click "Add Business"
  2. You can now connect review websites for this business or location.
  1. To switch between accounts, click the business name at the top right, or from your Account Settings
  1. You can see all of your businesses in your Account Settings and manage their information by clicking "EDIT" next to each business name.
With the Premium plan you can add up to 5 businesses/locations under one account.